Fuqua School plans to reinvent itself next fall

Published 2:23 pm Saturday, March 4, 2023

FARMVILLE – Fuqua School is looking forward to next school year and the plans they have in store. As part of that, the school’s board of trustees recently announced “The Restructuring, Resetting and Rebranding of Fuqua School” for the 2023-2024 school year. So what does that mean? 

According to Head of School Paul Reynolds, he along with a group of other board members met to discuss how to make some improvements for next year that kept students, families, faculty and staff in mind for the best success possible.

“We’re excited, the board is excited,” said Reynolds. “This is a plan with a real focus on strengthening the academic program, enhancing the student experience and increasing affordability for our many hardworking families.”

Restructuring and resetting 

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The reconstruction part of this plan refers to the schedule change for the students. Instead of the current block schedule that has students attending four classes each semester, Fuqua will have a traditional schedule school-wide. This change was made in hopes of having more academic consistency with the daily delivery of subject matter as subjects will be all year instead of one semester. 

While creating this new schedule, officials will work to help teachers have shared planning time. Since they will have the same class period free, teachers of the same subject will be able to meet during the school day and discuss how to better support their students. 

Also, the resetting will reduce the current tuition and fees, in order to provide some savings to families. There are already a few changes in place to help reduce costs to make this price reduction happen. That includes moving the Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classes to the lower school campus, consolidating bus routes and discontinuing the use of the swimming pool to eliminate expenses that are not explicitly associated with Fuqua’s mission.

A look at rebranding Fuqua School

The final part of this new plan is the rebranding. As an internet presence is more important than ever these days, the school plans to introduce a new website and marketing program that explains why Fuqua School is “the school for you.” This rebranding will also bring about a simpler application process to make it even easier to become a part of the Fuqua family. 

“2023-24 promises to be one of the most exciting times in the history of our school,” said Reynolds. “In Restructuring, Resetting and Rebranding, our school now stands at the ready to provide our very best in fostering the development of our students’ boundless, individual potential.”