Cumberland County High student, mother build BOreD Creations

Published 6:23 pm Friday, March 10, 2023

CUMBERLAND – A Cumberland County High student and her mother are making the best out of their free time and being creative together. 

Chartrice and Bre’Onna Brown run their business BOreD Creations. Together they design custom products that fit what their customers are looking for. 

Bre’Onna is a student at Cumberland County High School and is a part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). For one of the regional competitions, she made a business plan for a loungewear company called Bored Apparel. After the competition in May 2022, she brought her plan home to her mother, Chartrice, who was pregnant at the time and needed something to do while at home.

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Together they put Bre’Onna’s plan into action creating BOreD Creations. 

“I’ve always loved arts and crafts and I didn’t want this plan to go to waste,” said Bre’Onna. “We decided to start the business using my blueprint from FBLA.”

What is BOreD Creations?

BOreD Creations has a large selection that customers can choose from including apparel, drinkware, accessories, memorial plaques and car coasters. Some of these products already have a design, but where BOreD Creations shines is making something custom.

Bre’Onna enjoys getting to use her creativity to design what the customer is looking for. Most of the time the customers have an idea of what they want but don’t have a set design in mind. Bre’Onna loves working with her mom to create a design that captures exactly what the customer wanted.

“I really love it because there are times I get to use my creativity to make others happy,” she said. “We send them the design and they tell us they never would have thought of that and they love it.”

While juggling classes and the other struggles of being a teenager, Bre’Onna finds the business to be therapeutic. She can come home and be creative which creates a great stress relief to help her relax. 

Being a mother-daughter company there is of course a lot of glitter involved in the creative process. Both Bre’Onna and Chartrice both love working with glitter to create new items. When talking about their favorite products to make, Chartrice loves creating the glitter snowglobe tumbler and Bre’Onna love using glitter vinyl. 

A chance to work together

Even more than their love for working with glitter, they both love this chance to work together in this business. Relationships between teenage daughters and their moms can be rocky, but BOreD Creations gives the pair something fun to do together.

“This gives us great bonding time,” said Chartrice. “As kids get older it can be harder to bond with them and now we can do something we both love.”

Learn more about BOreD Creations on its Facebook Page.