After dog rescue in Prince Edward County, search is on for owner

Published 4:34 am Tuesday, March 14, 2023

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY – After three local agencies came together for a daring dog rescue in Prince Edward County, the search is now on for the owner of the animal. 

Around 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 9, the High Bridge Trail Park Police was informed by a citizen visiting the park of a dog stranded in the Appomattox River under the High Bridge. The Park Police called Prince Edward County Animal Control to come help. 

The Park Police and Animal Control investigated the situation and found the dog on some piling in the water under the bridge. Seeing the location was in Prince Edward County, Animal Control assessed the situation on how to safely rescue the dog.

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“Since the dog was in the middle of the river it was the perfect scenario for someone to get swept away,” said County Animal Control Officer Chris Riviere.

To keep everyone safe, they contacted the Meherrin Volunteer Fire Department. The department had the proper equipment and training for swift water rescue to get in and get the dog safely. Meherrin Fire Chief and Prince Edward County Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Trey Pyle, and Meherrin Assistant Fire Chief and Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office’s Deputy J.R. Newman, went into the water to bring the dog to safety. 

“It was so neat to see three different agencies work together to create a good outcome,” said Daniel Jordan, park manager.  “It’s one of those things that make you glad to serve where you do and able to serve with these agencies and have these great outcomes.”


Searching for the owner

According to Jordan, the dog initially did not want to be rescued as she barked and snapped at Pyle and Newman as they tried to coax her to safety. As she jumped off and into the water to try to swim away they were able to grab her and she was much calmer and nicer once they had her.

Now that the dog is safely out of the water, Prince Edward County Animal Control is looking for the owner of this dog. She is a female beagle with white and light brown fur and no distinctive markings. Anyone who may have any information on this dog is encouraged to call 434-223-7310. 

“This serves as a good reminder that the best thing to do is get your pets microchipped or have a collar with identification on it so we can easily reunite the owners and their pet,” said Riviere.