New jury management system announced

Published 10:56 am Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Buckingham Circuit Court has a new jury management system in place. The Constitution guarantees an accused the right to a jury selected from a cross-section of the community. The Clerk’s Office says with the rise in jury trials, a more efficient, effective and responsive jury process was imperative for the administration of law and order.

When jury questionnaires go out in the mail this year, Buckingham citizens will be able to complete them online through a jury portal located on a new circuit court clerk webpage. The goal, according to the Clerk’s Office, will save citizens money on postage. Of course, individuals will still be able to mail them to the office if they don’t have the capabilities to complete it online.

If chosen as a juror, citizens will be able to access their jury information on the website by logging in to the jury portal homepage. Jurors will be able to see upcoming trials and relative information about jury duty including The Answer Book for Jury Service and a Jury Orientation Video.

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Citizens can now “opt-in” on their mobile device and receive notifications, cancellations and deferrals by text message.