Letter to the Editor: The schools tell the tale

Published 12:49 am Friday, February 10, 2023

Dear Editor, 

Much has been written lately about the desire for new businesses and growth in Prince Edward County. But aren’t we ignoring the “elephant in the room?” What discerning person would move their family, business, employees, or future to a town with such an underserved public education system? Not so long ago the thinking in Prince Edward County regarding public education was not to fund it at all. Not at all. The damage to this county and its residents can not be overestimated, and it continues. The question now is, has Prince Edward County changed? When we look at the schools that are offered to its citizens, what do we see? Are they a reflection of a county with potential, resources and two colleges? Or are they a reflection that continues to show a pitiful lack of effort for all the children of Prince Edward County?

I am a strong believer in team efforts. Parents, school personnel, county supervisors, churches, college students, faculty and businesses could be an unbeatable team to reframe Prince Edward schools. Maybe this is the county to try experimental, demonstration schools? Collaborate with private schools and colleges in the area. Hiring and rewarding the best staff available, upholding high standards for behavior and school performance in all areas are just two necessary steps. These cannot happen without a real investment of county resources, school personnel and parents who want, not just better, but the best for their children.

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There is no better place for our efforts to improve the future. The quality of an area’s public schools genuinely reflects the value that is placed on its children. Is Prince Edward truly ready to step forward yet? 

Suzanne Crouse

Prince Edward