Letter to the Editor: Some people miss the point

Published 12:42 am Friday, February 10, 2023

Dear Editor, 

The letters to the editor re: the Buckingham County electoral board miss the point. While disruption by unhappy voters may disturb the meeting, the reason they are upset has not been addressed. The county had the same efficient non-partisan registrar for 28 yrs regardless of which party was in the governor’s seat. 

The current registrar has done such a good job in her short tenure that she is supported by all of the Board of Supervisors and the many county residents who came to the meeting in support of non-partisan free and fair elections. For a new GOP board to thwart this process will not help the county vote. The registrar needs training and experience. We need to keep our registrar because she is doing a good job. Though it is the job of the election board to hire this position, it is certainly the right of the electorate to let them know we support the current registrar. 

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M Lenz
New Canton