Letter to the Editor: It’s time to end the legal battle

Published 11:45 am Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dear Editor,

Your Feb. 16 article about the Prince Edward County Confederate flag issue was quite revealing.

“This issue has caused considerable consternation in the community and the Board felt pursuing the enforcement of the County code was in the overall best interest of the community,” said Prince Edward County Administrator Doug Stanley.

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So tell me, how is spending tens of thousands of dollars appealing a decision by your own Board of Zoning Appeals that went against you in the best interest of the community? This statement is also admitting the real reason the Board not only went after the flag and pole but appealed the decision-the content of the flag, which makes this entire episode 100% unconstitutional. There’s even a state law that sides with the flaggers on this. I also find it very interesting how The Farmville Herald is covering for the Board by its almost total lack of coverage on this issue, made a hot button issue by the board’s pitbull-like reluctance to admit defeat and let it go. This will likely be appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals, who will hopefully see through this nonsense and realize that Prince Edward County is in the wrong. Twice so far.

Walter Ring

New Kent