Fuqua Lower School shares the love

Published 12:54 am Saturday, February 18, 2023

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show love to others. Even though the day is focused on romantic love, the day is also a chance to reach out to friends and family members and let them know they are appreciated. 

For one of its annual fundraisers, Fuqua Lower School sold Valentine’s Day presents to send to students. This was an easy opportunity for parents, guardians, grandparents or other important members in a student’s life to send something extra special their way. 

The fundraiser sold heart-shaped balloons, candies, cards and stuffed animals that were sent to the classroom. This provided a little something to send to students as they celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Fuqua Valentines Fundraiser

Laura Lee Aldrich, Lillie Staples Ferguson, Tessa Showalter and Sergio Lentini look inside their bags to see what new treat awaits for their Valentine’s Day present.

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“This is more than a fundraiser, it’s a heart thing,” said Debbie Watson, secretary for the lower and middle school, who organizes the fundraiser each year. “We love the kids here and this helps the parents out by not having to go out to get something.”

According to Watson, when putting the orders together, she loves to make them special as she adds ribbons and stickers. While organizing the orders, she makes sure that all students will receive something. If there is a student that did not receive a gift, she makes sure that they have a card or something to help them feel included in the festivities. 

The money raised from the Valentine’s Day fundraiser will go back to the school. The money will help the school with any supplies they need or if any equipment needs to be replaced. The fundraiser provides an opportunity for both the students and the school to feel some love. 

The future of this annual fundraiser may change as Watson will be retiring this year. The fundraiser will still live on as it will most likely be picked up by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and possibly expand the fundraiser to cover the whole school.