Eanes speaks at annual SAR meeting

Published 5:44 am Saturday, February 18, 2023

A Hampden-Sydney College visiting lecturer was the focal point of this year’s Virginia Sons of the American Revolution annual meeting. Crewe resident Col. Greg Eanes delivered a speech at the event, held at the Berry Hill Resort in South Boston Feb. 11-12. The 103rd annual meeting was held in conjunction with the 242nd anniversary of General Nathanel Greene’s crossing of the Dan River during the American Revolution. 

Greene’s strategy was to district British Gen. Charles Cornwallis, avoiding a full-on battle and drawing the British farther away from their supply lines. The goal was to weaken the enemy, while using hit and run tactics to pick them off. 

Greene made his way toward the Dan River, sending a decoy group towards what’s now Danville, distracting Cornwallis and giving the army time to cross the Dan with all of its artillery, gear and wagons. That crossing happened on Valentine’s Day in 1781. The British arrived soon after, but were unable to follow in time to engage. 

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This river crossing allowed the Continental Army a week-long reprieve to rest and resupply, and was one of the final pivots in the War for Independence.

The contributions of local veterans

It was this event Col. Eanes discussed, speaking to about 85 to 100 SAR members and families from across the Commonwealth and neighboring states. He also talked about the contributions of Halifax County’s Revolutionary War veterans supporting Greene and the follow-up engagement at Guilford Courthouse. 

Other weekend activities and lectures were sponsored by the Crossing of the Dan Commemoration Committee consisting of representatives from the Dan River chapter of Sons of the American Revolution, other civic groups, and local government.  

The various ‘Crossing of the Dan’ activities are a major community tourism event capitalizing on Halifax County’s unique place in the history of the American Revolution. It is recognized by the National SAR as a ‘signature’ event and will continue to draw visitors to the area during 250 American Revolution Anniversary activities.