Town churches form youth collective

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Farmville has a new ministry for middle and high school youth. But you won’t find it in one church. That’s because the gathering place of the Farmville Youth Collective is located within three local congregations. This past summer, three churches in Farmville came together with a dream to serve the youth in the community. Johns Memorial Episcopal Church, Farmville Baptist Church and Farmville United Methodist Church joined forces to create a safe space for the youth who are in grades six through twelve so they can grow in faith, create friendships and serve our community. The result of the collaboration was the creation of the Farmville Youth Collective, a ministry that began in September 2022 and meets on Sundays at 6 p.m.

The Farmville Youth Collective was created for many reasons. Our current economic conditions can make it difficult for churches to have the resources, volunteer base or staff to have a large, community minded youth ministry. Sharing space and volunteers, along with financial resources, creates a collaborative effort that better serves the community of Farmville and youth in each congregation. It’s also an exciting way to unite like-minded congregations who are invested in our community and passionate about ministering to youth and their families.

The Farmville Youth Collective meets on Sunday evenings and rotates between the three churches. The first cycle of meetings in September and October were at Johns Memorial Episcopal Church located at 400 High Street, Farmville. In November and December, the youth will meet at Farmville United Methodist Church located at 212 High Street, Farmville. Starting in 2023, the youth will meet at Farmville Baptist Church located at 132 N. Main Street, Farmville. During each meeting the youth learn about a passage in the Bible, eat snacks and play games. It’s a time for the youth to also meet other middle and high school students who may go to a different school or church.

The meetings rotate locations, but the minister that serves the Farmville Youth Community is Rev. Cadance Tyler. Rev. Tyler is a graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and has over nine years of youth ministry experience. She is a member of Farmville Baptist Church, and she is passionate about serving youth and their families. She also believes in the importance of unity and collaboration between churches and community organizations.

The three congregations that make up the Farmville Youth Collective hope that this ministry will not only serve the students in each church, but that it will also be a welcoming place for all students in our community. Any youth in sixth through twelfth grade is invited to be a part of the youth ministry. During this month, the ministry will meet at Farmville United Methodist Church each Sunday from 6 – 7:30 p.m., and there will be a spot there for your student and a welcoming smile. For more information about the group and meeting schedules, join the Farmville Youth Collective Facebook group, follow the group on Instagram @farmvilleyc, or contact one of the congregations.