Letter — We need to pay attention

Published 6:04 pm Sunday, November 20, 2022

Dear Editor,

I know we’re all sick of hearing about the 2022 elections, but I got two emails right after Veterans’ Day — one from each of the candidates for the 5th District congressional seat — that clearly demonstrate the differences in the two.

I got an email from Josh Throneburg, who lost the election, about picking up his yard signs to make sure they are responsibly recycled. Bob Good, the winner, sent pictures of himself with Vietnam War vets, touting his efforts for veterans — which seem to be primarily allowing them the privilege of being photographed with him. Good didn’t mention that he voted against veterans’ healthcare to treat exposure to toxic burn pits or that he was one of only 12 representatives who voted against honoring the police officers, 19% of whom are vets, who defended the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021 against an attempted coup.

Good also opposed spending bills that brought hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid to the 5th District. Bob Good will be up for election again in 2024. Pay attention to his voting record, which you can find at govtrack.us. He is more interested in photo ops and orating about bogus culture wars than he is in helping the people of the 5th District.

Robin Smith