Letter — ‘The smart play is to support Hardy’

Published 1:31 pm Thursday, November 3, 2022

Dear Editor,

I’ve had the privilege of knowing John Hardy for 25+ years and the honor of working with him for more than five years. As a US Navy veteran, John is a natural leader. He has a positive, inclusive vision for the Farmville community and is the sort of person who gets things done. When dealing with issues or problems, he doesn’t waste time pointing fingers or assigning blame, his focus is always on looking ahead, solving the problem and moving forward. As my clients often tell me, John is a man of his word. When says he’s going to do something, I know it will get done.

In both business and his personal life, John defines integrity – a word that is so casually tossed around in politics to the point that it falls on deaf ears. So, by “integrity”, I mean he holds a consistent and uncompromising adherence to his ethics and personal honor, no matter if someone is watching or not – something that is becoming all but extinct in our modern world.

Farmville needs people like John Hardy in the town leadership – folks who are experienced in running small businesses in our community, of navigating the complexities of our evolving social and cultural norms.

John was born, raised and has spent his life in the Farmville area. He knows the town’s strengths and opportunities. He will work to bring the town and surrounding counties together to promote and grow local businesses, ensure essential services are readily available to those in need and to propel Farmville forward as a destination of choice for business and individuals who are looking to settle into a vibrant, thriving, diverse community while preserving our small-town charm.

On election day, the smart play for Ward A is to write in John Hardy for Town Council.

Scott Harwood Jr.