Letter to the Editor — Divided and defeated, part II

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Dear Editor,

I caught some serious flack for Part I of this series but that’s okay, reality is difficult to face, especially when we created it. And to save the two-party zealots the cost of postage, the hate mail, which I truly, thoroughly enjoy, may be forwarded to tomnoehren@yahoo.com. To the main point though, tis the season for voting! And the only thing standing in the way of progress is in fact your vote!

I get it. I really get it. Most of you believe there’s no point in voting independent because you believe there’s no hope of victory. That’s one of those self-imposed realities which only changes with your actions. But the biggest obstacle to a better world isn’t the incorrectly assumed impractical nature of independent voting, it’s your fear.

You’re afraid of each other. You’re afraid of the unknown. You’re afraid of a world without the current system. Again, I get it. The party machines spend hundreds of billions cultivating that fear. And, because of the obvious idiocy and hypocrisy inherent in both parties, it’s extraordinarily easy to surrender your would-be principles to the lesser of two evils fear. I was afraid too. And now I’m not.

Call me naïve but if everyone who votes went to the polls one time, just one time, and wrote in people they know personally to be the most dependable, honorable and ethical person in town, the system of greed and hypocrisy would be irreversibly crippled and by the following election cycle the transformation would be complete. There would be no more D’s or R’s, only Americans without party loyalties standing in the way of legitimate solutions to the tremendous problems we face.

Every survey or poll known to mankind shows most Americans agree on most of the issues. The only thing which divides us is the two-party system. Replacing that system with a government of 435 independent representatives, 50 independent senators and an independent president; all elected without spending hundreds of millions of campaign dollars and chosen on merits, not on party politics and propaganda, would change the world forever. Yes, there would be thousands of candidates. But they would be teachers, doctors, steel workers and loggers, not these corporate-owned, elitist, caricature politicians you love so much.

Do you think for one moment that such an independent government would allow corporate purchasing of elections? Do you think the Supreme Court would be allowed to own stocks in the companies for or against which they’re supposed to rule impartially? Such a government would become truly beholden to the people. But the people must realize that reality before it can exist. The people must be educated enough and honorable enough to know how to even chose such a government. It all starts with you and your vote. Stop existing as a sheep, which only perpetuates the problem and be the solution. Destroy the system and create a better world one vote and one election at a time.

Tom Noehren