Devotional — Relationship or Religion?

Published 6:23 pm Friday, October 14, 2022

Today, let’s start this devotional with a few questions. Do you have an active relationship with Jesus or do you just know about Him? It’s good to know about Jesus, but according to Luke 4:41, even the demons know about Him. Jesus Christ is willing to be your Shepherd. He is willing to lead you through this life, and can bring you safely through the valley of death into an eternal home in heaven.

In many ways, Jesus is like the Good Samaritan spoken of in Luke 10. And we are similar to the man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho who was robbed, beaten, and left for dead. Sin brings deep wounds, breaks relationships, and causes great shame in the secret place of the heart. As did the Samaritan, Jesus has compassion on our dire condition, He is willing to bandage our wounds, forgive our sins, provide for our needs, and place into an inn his family. This relationship with Jesus begins with our humility in receiving this help from Him. We must face the failures of our perceived goodness, and accept the reality of His glorious robe of righteousness that can only come from being born again, a spiritual birth, a new beginning.

The relationship with Jesus that follows this repentance and forgiveness, begins here on this earth, and continues forever, the Bible calls this eternal life! May we never complicate this simple plan of hope and redemption. Call on the name of the Lord today, the Good Samaritan will always hear the sincere cry for help, and faithfully guide you through the troubled waters of this world. I hope to see you around town. How about some fellowship over a cup of coffee?

Marv Fisher is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Farmville and can be heard weekdays at 1:30 PM on 105.3 Equip FM radio. He can be reached at