OPINION – This is why I’m voting for Josh Throneburg

Published 12:15 pm Thursday, September 22, 2022

Dear Editor,

What has incumbent Rep. Bob Good done for the 5th District? Not much it seems.

He consistently voted “Nay” on major Congressional legislation that would benefit most Americans ie:

• HR 3755 Women’s Health Protection Act

• HR 1319 American Rescue Plan

• HR 7688 Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

• HR 3684 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

among others.

What meaningful legislation has Bob Good sponsored? None. And, what exactly has he done for the farmers, as he claims?

Apparently, all he does is show up and collect his salary.

It is high time we sent Mr. Good packing. Considering his record on issues that would assist the residents of the 5th District (where Rep Good consistently voted nay) we could have just as well sent a robot to DC and saved our money.

We need a Congressman who will consider the needs of the 5th District and work hard to pass legislation that will improve the lives and welfare of the entire district. That person is Josh Throneburg.

Josh is keenly aware of issues concerning our district,as well as the broader issues affecting our planet and our future and our children’s future. He is well aware of the need for universal access to broadband and investing in classroom infrastructure. Maintaining clean air and water for everyone as well as working to improve our fractured health care systems, are high priorities for Josh Throneburg.

I will be voting for Josh Throneburg to be our next representative for Congress from the 5th district, and I hope you will too.

Carol Fauci



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