Letter to the Editor — Help clean up Buckingham roads

Published 12:17 pm Thursday, September 8, 2022

Dear Editor,

The Buckingham County Anti- Litter Task Force (BATF) will be holding our second semi-annual road clean-up starting on Oct. 22 and running through Nov. 12. We are hoping to increase participation in this project each year. The more people we have participating, the more trash we can clean up! Help us out, and join the team!

It is very easy. We furnish the vests, bags and grabbers. There is a short safety video to watch, but we send you the link for that. You work at your own pace. You can clean part of your own road or you can get some friends together, form your own team, and clean any road or section of road in Buckingham County you want.

You can win fabulous prizes! We give out gift certificates to the top three teams who have collected the most bags of trash. First place is a $300 gift card. Second place is a $200 gift card, and 3rd place is a $100 gift card.

If you are part of an organization, get your organization involved: churches, civic organizations, businesses, high school clubs, restaurants, book clubs! The BATF is also working to stop the litter on the front end. More on that at a later date. For questions or more details, call (434) 286-4785. Beat the crowd and call now.

Maggie Snoddy


Member BATF