Letter to the Editor — Every vote counts

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, September 22, 2022

Dear Editor,

Elections matter. Voting matters. That is why the three of us sisters always study up on candidates and make a plan to vote. We are active in our community, work at various polling locations and have a pulse on what our community wants and needs. This election cycle, we decided to go a step further and publicly endorse a candidate. Hence this letter. We encourage every citizen of Cumberland County to vote for Wendy Hannah for Commonwealth’s Attorney in the special election this November.

There are two candidates seeking this position and in our opinion, Wendy is the far superior candidate. Although we understand that politics can be contentious, we are appalled at some of the blatant lies that have been spread about Wendy, her motives, and her capabilities. Wendy has taken the time to study the needs of our community as it relates to the criminal justice system, and she strives to make the best decisions on every case. She values our community’s safety, and her experience in trying cases runs the gamut.

Wendy grew up in a small community, and wants to remain in a small community. Being in a small office allows Wendy to spend time getting to know about the people she is representing. She also maintains close, professional working relationships with law enforcement. She is respected amongst all of her peers.

This is the type of person we need representing the citizens of Cumberland County. A genuine soul who is well-versed in the laws of the Commonwealth, and also well-versed in the needs of the community. All you have to do is have one conversation with Wendy to know that she has this community’s best interests at heart, and to know just how intelligent and practical she is.

We have been around a long time – over 70 years on this Earth. We have worked in a number of professions – mental health, corrections, and community, and know how to assess someone’s character and abilities. Wendy is the package deal and we would be doing our community a huge disservice not to support her. This is why we’re voting for Wendy Hannah for Cumberland County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen “Bunny” Campbell

Alice “Ron” Miller

JoAnn Vaughan