Letter — It’s time to stop SOL testing

Published 6:29 pm Friday, September 2, 2022

Dear Editor:

Delegate Tommy Wright blames poor student SOL test scores on Democrats for closing  schools during the Covid pandemic. I would rather have a child temporarily set back  academically than dead from a virus that is still killing people.

Lower test scores are more due to the lack of Internet access at home than on not being  inside a classroom. What has Delegate Wright done during his tenure to ensure that  every household has affordable broadband?

It is time to stop SOL testing. These tests don’t improve learning or teaching and don’t indicate how a student learns, which is important to the teaching process. These tests  are only money-makers for the SOL test creators.

Delegate Wright needs to stop blaming Democrats at every turn and start working to  improve the lives of his constituents instead of voting against the Equal Rights  Amendment, a higher minimum wage, worker rights, and civil rights.

Trudy Berry

Green Bay