Farmville church provides connections for incoming college students

Published 8:33 pm Thursday, September 8, 2022

FARMVILLE – When moving to a new area for college, it can be hard for students to find connections in the community. Fortunately in Farmville, a local Catholic church is making sure the students know someone is there to help. 

St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church held its annual community picnic on Sept. 3., to get to know the new students moving into Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College, as well as welcome back the returning students. 

“We have it every year and it’s a constant in the community,” said Doreen Hines, one of the organizers of the event. “Each year, new students come and parents want to make sure they are still attending mass or a church service while in school.”

A chance to meet

At the picnic, students and their families have the chance to meet the deacons and priests at St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church. Even if the student decides not to attend the church while in school, creating these connections can help by giving an outlet in case students need help or support while away from their families. 

According to Hines, the picnic this year had the largest group with around 20 visitors. The picnic had hot dogs, hamburgers and sides with enough for everyone to help themselves. Hines always enjoys this gathering each year as she usually runs the popcorn machine giving her a chance to talk to people. 

“This is to help the church get to know the community and have the new students feel like they have somewhere to go,” said Hines. “Many of these students come from different states and this gives them people to talk to if they need something.”

Hines thanks the community for its support and encourages everyone to have a safe school year encouraging drivers to be extra mindful and patient as more students frequent the roads.