Through the Garden Gate — A message from Anca

Published 1:00 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

Hi fellow gardeners, it’s me, Anca. My Mom is busy filling in some holes in the backyard, so I thought I would chat with you while she’s not paying attention to me. I’m a seriously good hole digger, but somehow I just never manage to dig them in the right spots, and she gets angry.

Anyway, as you know, my Mom has been obsessed with daylilies this summer. She’s got tall ones with complicated names, short ones for the front of the flower beds, and even some weird ones that are supposed to have beards. I think they look deformed, like an alien life form that’s invaded the garden. If these bearded daylilies weren’t bad enough, she’s also got some that change color over the course of the day. They don’t look healthy to me; I would rip them out of the bed in an instant.

So… there’s been a six week long obsession with daylilies. It’s gotten so bad that my Dad had a nightmare last week. He dreamed that a mysterious black SUV drove up in the middle of the night. Four men, all dressed in black, emerged with boxes and boxes of daylilies. They dug holes EVERYWHERE and planted those wretched things. Some of them had odd names – Simmering Elephants, Reuther’s Brown Spider, and Golden Retriever. Why would elephants simmer? Is that name a political statement? I don’t like spiders. Is another dog going to grow from that plant? I wish I could have done the digging, but I’m not anxious to see these plants bloom next summer. I bet there are some more weird ones. Why can’t my Mom plant something that I would like!?

Anyway, fellow gardeners, August is a good month to rejuvenate the container plantings by the front door. After all the hot, dry weather we’ve had, they look tired. Look for some chrysanthemums still in tight bud to put in those pots. My Mom hates them because she thinks they’re naff, but they’re tough and offer hints of the cooler weather to come. Buy some deep purple ones and some bronze ones too. They always look so cheerful.

While you’re out in the garden, pull out all the annuals that are spent; they just look so untidy. You might also find a few spots where you could plant some spring-blooming bulbs in another month or so.

And remember, that I’m a Master Digger. I can help you with these projects. Just give me a call when my Mom isn’t around.

DR. CYNTHIA WOOD is a master gardener. Her email address is