Repairs continue at Prince Edward County Elementary School

Published 2:22 am Tuesday, August 30, 2022

FARMVILLE – At the beginning of the school year, students have new clothes, new shoes and new supplies. Luckily for Prince Edward County Elementary School students, this year they also have new repairs to their roof.

At the August Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors meeting, Superintendent Dr. Barbara Johnson gave an update on the status of current repairs on the school. According to Johnson, repairs were needed in all of the school’s buildings, A through G, due to leaks. 

The repairs for Building G are finished, however there is a possible new leak in the closet of the music room. There will be an investigation to see how bad this possible new leak is and how to address it. Despite the suspected leak, the music room is fine and safe.

Leaks at Prince Edward County Elementary

Over the years, many leaks have sprung in the roof of the elementary school. Unfortunately, no matter how many times the roof was patched, the leaks kept coming back and traveling to new locations. As winter snow and rain storms throughout the year pounded on the roof, parents raised many concerns about the condition of the school.

At the November 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board voted on a plan to replace the roof and do renovations to the classrooms to modernize them. This came after the Board voted in the September 2021 meeting to include the renovations or replacement to the Capital Improvement Plan for 2022-2024.

Where are the leaks?

Building E is where most of the severe leaks are located. This building also houses the two classrooms that were completely closed and unusable due to mold from the leaks. According to Johnson, classrooms have been professionally cleaned out and there is no longer mold in the building.  

“These classrooms are fine,” said Johnson. “The two classrooms, however, the ones that we had closed are still closed, and that is because we have not put ceiling tiles or floor tiles back into that room because we still have leaks. That work has not been finished in Building E, so the thought is why put the new floor tile and ceiling tile in there when all of that work has not been done.”

There is still smaller work to be done in the remaining buildings that is taking place now. Because of this, the elementary school currently has no major leaks to worry about. 

“There are no major leaks… but we are watching it very carefully,” said Johnson.