Letter — Is Green Ridge running Cumberland County?

Published 10:11 am Friday, August 19, 2022

To the Editor:

I just finished the article “Why use Green Ridge money? Residents question Cumberland park plan” and there is one big question – why does the county need parks when we need other things – like a grocery store. If we take into consideration how much money is spent in neighboring counties on a monthly basis and we had a grocery store and other necessary services, there would be no need for this discussion.

Another question – why spend dollars on parks dictated to the County by Green Ridge when there are plans in process for a trail from the courthouse to Bear Creek park and earlier in the evening we were told plans are in process for a park, trail, etc. in a local battlefield. Plus the county would not even entertain a recommendation from the VA Tourism group because of the properties involved.

Mr. Stanley states the $250,000 is unconditional and the County does not have to pay it back. It is true, the county does not have to pay it back but it is conditional with Green Ridge dictating what sections of the county the parks are to be located. A bribe? Plus we have to keep in mind, the County already has a $400,000 debt to Green Ridge. The Board of Supervisors voted for the landfill and Mr. Stanley is a Board member and therefore is considered part of the Board of Supervisors. It doesn’t matter if it was this Board or the prior Board – it was the Board of Supervisors.

Ask yourself this question, if the proposed landfill is such an important money maker for the County, how has the County survived the last 4 going into the fifth year? Wake up – we don’t need to ruin our environment and way of life by bringing in the proposed landfill just to appease corporate America.

Betty Myers