Letter — Congressional show trial will lead nowhere

Published 2:34 pm Thursday, August 4, 2022

To the Editor:

There is an ongoing show trial being conducted by Congress right now called the Jan. 6 Committee. Nothing will come of it. Why? Because Congress isn’t a court. Only the Justice Department may bring formal, legal charges against President Trump and his henchmen.

Nothing in that first paragraph even matters. Why? Because I believe Attorney General Merrick Garland will never have the courage to do what’s right, mostly because almost half the country believes that those who attempted to overthrow the government of the United States were right to do so. If the Justice Department pursued charges against President Trump, especially now that his campaign for an all but guaranteed win in 2024 has already unofficially begun, it would be seen as purely political.

Given his popularity amongst gun owners, his gift for propaganda and the impending run for re-election, I believe any charges levied on President Trump would bring immediate civil war. Immediate civil war.

You think civil war isn’t possible? Just look at what happened when the man lost an election. The Civil War raged for just over four years and not one Confederate soldier set foot in Washington.

It took a mob just a few hours to take the capitol building and waive Trump and Confederate flags, not American flags, over it. Even the Vice President was being targeted for not assisting in the coup d’état. Do you think for one second that the current administration is in a position to pursue this? With approval ratings at a well-earned all-time low for both the President and Congressional Democrats, an electorate so incredibly divided, an election system which is as transparent as a brick wall and
a Supreme Court which is one third appointed by President Trump, it’s absurd to believe that there will be any meaningful action taken after this show trial.

The America in which we grew up no longer exists. The hyper-partisan politics from Washington to the small towns like ours, the lack of any common sense or transparency in our elections, the allowance by the Supreme Court of unlimited, untraceable money in politics, an all-powerful media whose main source of income is covering the show itself and the extraordinarily
devastating lack of both common sense and civic duty in the electorate have destroyed our republic. Completely.

The specifically designed and nurtured two-party system has done this.

The corporate media, which is the true enemy of the people, has done this. The corporate, greedy scumbags who buy the government and, by proxy, the court, have done this. You and I have stood by and allowed it and even encouraged it. We all should be disgusted with ourselves. We are undeserving of the republic that so many have fought and died to create and maintain. I’m ashamed that I ever belonged to either party. And so should you. Abandon the two parties. Abandon the clown show.

Do you have the courage to do it?

Tom Noehren