The Word — I look to you Lord

Published 6:08 pm Saturday, July 23, 2022

For we are powerless against this great multitude who are coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon thee. — 2 Chronicles 20:12 b, c

During these turbulent times in which we trod our journey, it is not at all uncommon for believers to espouse that they are boldly waiting on the Lord and looking to him for strength, direction and blessings. And it is comforting to know for ourselves and to encourage others, that only almighty God can supply all our needs. Thus, in this biblical text we can discern the plight of a people that need divine protection and blessings. The challenges of life have escalated to a point that they feel they have run out of options, and admit that they don’t have the answer, but yet still, “Look, to the Lord.”

This scripture is uniquely different from many scriptures that highlight “waiting” on the Lord. Yes, we wait in so many instances along this journey. However, waiting is not one of our favorite activities. It draws an ire from our inner being and usually challenges the orderly function of our disposition. And sometimes it sends an email to our personality to reverse course.

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Recently, I have noticed when passing a hospital there is now an electronic sign that highlights the waiting time for patients in the emergency room. It’s amazing how little patience people will demonstrate even when they need services and even blessings.

But as mentioned earlier, waiting on the Lord, and looking to the Lord are two different moments in time. Looking to the Lord implies more of a reliance and assurance that that is where one’s help comes from in any given situation. Moreover, it implies that not only are our physical needs met, but direction and spiritual renewal will avail itself as well, just by looking to him.

While driving and listening to the radio recently, I heard one of my favorite ballads, by the late Whitney Houston, “I Look to You.” As I swayed to the waves of the music and her beautiful melodious voice, the lyrics seemed to penetrate my heart. They explained with power and great reason for one to “look to him.” The lyrics ushered me into the presence of the Lord.

In short, the words cite familiar challenging conditions and then the solution for relief. They are in part, “As, I lay me down, heaven hears me now; I’m lost without a cause, after giving it my all. Winter storms have come and darkened my sun. After all that I’ve been through, who on earth can I turn to, ‘I look to You.’ After all my strength has gone, in you I can be strong, I look to you.”

Rev. Dr. James Taylor, III is the pastor of the Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville. His email address is: