Letter — The eve of destruction

Published 6:50 pm Friday, July 22, 2022

To the Editor:

We are edging closer to our destruction with each day that the left holds political power and pulls the strings of their puppet president.

The New “Liberal” (aka World) Order has been undermining our government and our society for decades. It is clear to see in every area of American life. They have damaged the nuclear family. They have banished God. They have brainwashed our children in failing schools and woke universities. They have weakened our military and our position in the world. They have strengthened Russia, China and Iran.

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They continue to wreak havoc on our sovereignty with a wide-open border. They foster lawlessness to the point that we are not safe, yet they try to take our guns. They wage war on fossil fuels with no workable plan to reduce them over time. America produces the “cleanest oil and natural gas, yet they look to purchase “dirty” fuel from dictatorships. They ruin our economy and cause runaway inflation.

They stifle free speech. They seek to divide us by race and gender. They rewrite history to foster hate for our country.

The only remedies are: vote them out of office or hold a “convention” of the states to reduce the power of the federal government or to have ourselves a revolution. I only know that if we continue on this path, it will mean the end of the republic.

Lucy Klaus