Letter — On limiting free speech

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2022

To the Editor:

Fewer things are more frightening to me than Orwell’s fictional work 1984. I read it many years ago and it still leaves an indelible imprint in my mind on how easy it is to lose free speech and other freedoms. Our current Administration and their Secretary of Homeland Security are in the process of establishing and refining their Disinformation Governance Board. Here is where truth becomes relative. Here is where Orwell’s fictional Ministry of Truth becomes a reality. If that doesn’t scare our young people, then they should get themselves informed. It’s about limiting free speech and other freedoms that go along with it. It’s about complying with the agenda of whomever is in charge — or being put in your place by a bureau that serves only the current political side and their slanted story. It is about totalitarianism and the destruction of our Democracy.

And it might just be at our front door!

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Peter Kapuscinski