Letter — Use realized funds to clean up county roads

Published 3:34 pm Thursday, March 10, 2022

To the Editor:

Recently a solar farm was approved that will generate additional funding in the coffers of the county. Not long ago the “Three Ponds” development was completed, also in District #1, adding more tax revenue. Please use some of that revenue to clean up the trash that litters the roadside. Put out Requests for Bids, couple with VDOT funds to get it done. It is heart breaking and depressing to drive into Buckingham and wonder due to litter, if this is a third world country. And don’t ask me to volunteer to pick up others trash. I am happy to pay increased taxes for it. At least that way, those littering will also pay to remedy the sickening sight. The elimination of this roadside eye soar will only increase the property values in the County and improve our mental health at the same time. Given the revenue recently generated in District #1, at least execute a pilot project here and clean up the mess and allow us to be proud of the place we live.

Gary Stasko

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