Devotional — ‘Honor the King’

Published 11:03 am Saturday, February 12, 2022

Marv Fisher

The authority structure in America is in disarray, how are we to respond to the growing disrespect towards governing officials? In 1 Peter 2:17 we see a distinct relationship difference among people and God. “Honor all men; love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.” And in 2:13,”Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as to the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him…” What does honor look like when a biblical world view is disregarded by a king, and replaced by humanism? These scriptures were written under the iron grip of Rome, with the wicked Emperor Nero at the helm. The position of authority needs to be honored, even when we are deeply divided in our political or moral views. If we continue to disrespect authority, we will train another generation to do the same, each person doing what seems right in their own eyes.

In 1 Timothy 2, we see that the involvement of Christians in the lives of governing officials can make a big difference in the spiritual climate of the culture. It is much easier to honor the king when the king honors God, but what should our response be when government reaches beyond its biblical responsibilities of keeping order and punishing evildoers, and begins to enforce things that undermine the constitution of the country, or greater still, the authority of scripture? According to 1 Timothy 2:4, Gods greatest desire is for people to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth regarding the eternal condition of the soul. This supersedes our comfort or financial success. 1 Tim 2:8, “Therefore, I want men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and dissension.” In a world where wrath and dissension has become the norm, God desires us to live a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. May the Holy Spirit renew our hearts and minds to walk this path, the high road of God’s calling and election!

This country has been established as a democracy, where each citizen 18 or older can be involved in government by voting, running for office, volunteering your time, and praying. The grass roots that feed a healthy democracy is the integrity of the people. If we the people are in moral decay, we must share some of the responsibility of failed leadership. Let’s start by repenting of our own failures, honor our parents, encourage our leaders to follow God’s Word, and teach our children to honor the people in authority. The truth should always be boldly stated, even when disregarded, but consider how we can disagree in honor. In the mercy of God, He may once again raise up a leader with integrity and godly morality, will anyone be prepared to follow?

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Marv Fisher is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Farmville and can be heard weekdays at 1:30 PM on 105.3 Equip FM radio. He can be reached at