Letter — Fear’s influence

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, December 1, 2021

To the Editor:

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Fear, a powerful source of influence. Time has shown that new projects such as pipelines, rock quarries, solar farms, wind farms, landfills and other such projects will draw attention of the public, some both for and against such projects. It seems the heart of Virginia has drawn attention recently in many of such projects.

Envigo’s research facility in Cumberland has drawn the attention of animal rights groups over the years. The facility has changed ownership I believe, a number of times over the years. A fact that years ago it was located in eastern Powhatan before moving to Cumberland. I would be curious to know if any research from the history of this facility has ever made a positive impact on human health care.

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I personally don’t want any animal to be mistreated. Hopefully our elected officials will find a solution through legislation that settle these issues for all concerned parties, and especially the health of the animals.

On another topic, I have worked the last few weekends umpiring softball, right next to a former landfill. Twice in Newport News at Stoney Brook Park, five ball fields and basketball courts. In Chesterfield, at Warboro athletic complex, three ball fields, right up against a former landfill. The city of Virginia Beach has Mount Trashmore, a city park used by thousands on a regular basis. Haven’t read any horror stories about the people using these facilities coming down with multiple cancers or diseases. Amelia has a large landfill with a railroad siding. Far as I have read and seen, there hasn’t been any news worthy issues in Amelia with their landfill. Personally, I try not to let fear of something be the main influence before research.

William M. Frame