LETTER – Where do you stand?

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

To the Editor:

Our U.S. senators have been under the radar, and we want to know where they stand. If you love your country, you cannot support her purposeful destruction, which is being perpetrated by members of the senators’ party.

In nine months, we went from America first to America last. The list of disasters is a long one: the economy; inflation; open borders; criminals freely roaming our streets; drugs flowing into the U.S. and our young people dying from fentanyl; Americans, green card holders and allies left behind in Afghanistan along with $85 billion of high-tech equipment; foreign policies that weaken our position in the world, moving us from energy independence to begging OPEC for oil; the indoctrination of our children with lies about race and American history; and the creation of gender confusion.

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The lies are intolerable. The president is a fraud. He presented himself as a moderate. He promised to unite us. Every good thing he promised, he has not done, and every harmful thing he said he would not do, he has done. There is further destruction ahead: eroding election integrity, packing the Supreme Court, granting amnesty to illegals in order to fill the Democratic ranks. How much is each illegal costing us in food, clothing, housing, education, medical and dental care? How about our own veterans, homeless, mentally ill and senior citizens?

The threat to our God-given rights should frighten us all. Freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms, free speech, etc., are clearly under attack from this administration. It has to stop. Actions that will knowingly destroy America are the works of traitors.

The latest attempt to carry the socialist agenda forward will increase the debt by trillions of dollars. The administration boldly states the goal “to fundamentally transform” America. This is not what the people want. The end game results in China as the world power and the U.S. as a third-rate socialist country.

Joe Biden‘s approval ratings are tanking. We hope our U.S. senators have the courage to stand on the right side of history, along with all of us, who love America.

Gregory and Lucy Klaus