Could landfill CUP become void?

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

To the Editor:

There were some surprises in Green Ridge’s recent response to DEQ questions and comments regarding their review of the Part A siting application. Green Ridge may have to blast out up to 30 feet of bedrock on a 10-acre section of the landfill to make room for the bottom of the landfill (liner and leachate collection system). But, the Cumberland County zoning regulations don’t allow a rock quarry as a permitted use or as a conditional use. So, the original rezoning approval and Conditional Use Permit issued in 2018 by the Cumberland County (Board of Supervisors) could be null and void. Zoning aside, constructing a liner and leachate collection system over fractured bedrock represents an unwise engineering practice and would present a huge risk to the underlying ground water.

Based on the Draft FEMA 100-year flood plain map, 300 feet of the landfill entranceway is in the 100-year flood plain created by the flooding of Maple Swamp Creek. Green Ridge may have to move the entranceway to Pine Grove Road or construct a 300-foot bridge over the Maple Swamp Creek floodplain.

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Green Ridge’s lack of planning has and will lead to huge delays, additional costs and hopefully cause GFL Environmental (parent of Green Ridge) to pull the plug on this ill-conceived enterprise.

Keith Buch