Letter – Please assert some backbone

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 2021

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because it is the least I can do to show my patriotism to my country – this wonderful land we live in. More importantly, I want to declare my thankfulness to God above who has given this country to us. I am one person who has sat back and done very little to improve the horrid conditions of present time and the multitude of problems we are facing and I might add, conditions which will only continue to worsen.

I do not claim a political party but try to evaluate persons’ morals and values who are running for the upcoming election. We, the people, are allowing ourselves to be so misled by our local news media – Charlottesville and Richmond television stations, in my opinion, are hogwash in their reporting. Of course, that is if you do even listen to those new channels. I am an early riser – I turn on One America News (channel 347 on Direct TV). I am not promoting this company, simply saying it is how I start my day with the current events and latest on our country’s situation at hand. It would certainly open eyes to a lot of truths that are given on this station and hopefully arouse folks to see, really see, the injustices and corruption of people they feel are their “good politicians.”

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I hope all who declare themselves true citizens of this county and this country will vote sensibly and carefully. My granddaughters, your daughters, and all girls in this school system need to be protected. Please assert some backbone to help eliminate these nightmare proposals of transgender policies and this Critical Race Theory teaching to our children. It is apparent our elected school board members did not feel they could represent the people who voted them in their positions. Please elect candidates who actually listen and are fighting for our rights. One last important note, Buckingham County is an agricultural county. Apparently the ones currently in office in Richmond do not know where the butter they put on their bread comes from – farmers. Our voices need to be heard. Use your God-given privilege to go vote on Nov. 2nd for Glenn Youngkin. He will represent rural, conservative Virginia.

Thank you

Gevena (Judy) S. Meadows