LETTER – Ethics or party

Published 2:13 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2021

To the Editor:

When we voters choose the candidate to vote for we have choices. Do we vote for what a political party stands for, or do we vote for candidates who might have higher standards of right and wrong? It can be a difficult decision.

I have been seeing political literature put out by the Democratic Party of Virginia giving information on Delegate Matt Fariss and some of his dark history. There are references to verify what is presented for verification. The history must be true, or the group that puts these “facts” out would be sued or whatever else could be done.

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I think our local newspapers should print the good and bad of candidates so we voters can make intelligent choices. I think it makes a political party look bad when they support people of questionable ethics no matter what party.

This leaves the dilemma of should we vote for Mr. Fariss or one of his rivals?

My choice will be for the most ethical candidate in my opinion, Dr. Moses.

Marie Flowers