LETTER – Vaccination saves lives

Published 3:32 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

To the Editor:


My name is Aliyah Rachels, I’m 13 years old, and I’m an eighth grader at Prince Edward County Middle School. I got vaccinated so that I can keep my family and friends safe, also because I play sports. My mom does a lot of volunteer work for sports, so that’s another reason why it was important to get vaccinated. I think it’s important that everyone eligible to get vaccinated gets vaccinated, so that we can try to keep each other safe and get back to normalcy. This scholarship means a lot to me! I am thankful for the scholarship because it will help when I graduate from high school and get ready to go pursue my college major(s). I wish to go pro with sports after college or do some forensic science work. I would like to thank all the sponsors who funded the money for these scholarships. Please, go get vaccinated. You could be saving someone’s life. We are the world, we are the future. Our lives matter, so let’s keep each other safe. Hopefully, we can get back to our normal life soon.

Aliyah Rachels

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Prince Edward

Editor’s note: Rachels was one of 10 local students who received a $2,000 scholarship as part of Prince Edward County’s COVID-19 vaccination scholarship program.