Letter — Unmussig did lots of good for Cumberland

Published 6:32 am Tuesday, August 10, 2021

To the Editor:

The news of the resignation of Don Unmussig as the Cumberland County administrator was a shock to a lot of people.

The Cumberland County Board of Supervisors is now tasked with finding a qualified, competent person to fill this position. It is hoped they engage an outside source to help locate the right person to fill this key position.

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Unmussig was the force behind several positive changes the Board of Supervisors put in place during his tenure. He took the time to complete thorough research before making recommendations to the board for their final approve. This is evidenced by the realignment of the emergency medical service (EMS) division, bringing all areas of the county under one umbrella. The budgeting process was one of the biggest items he tackled going back several years to better understand previous costs and income and making recommendations from there. For example, the cost of trash for the current year was reduced by several thousands of dollars from previous years due this diligence. These are just a few of the accomplishments of Unmussig during his tenure as county administrator of Cumberland County. There are many more.

We cannot forget that when Unmussig took over this position things were in disarray in several areas of operation in the county. The good of the county was key to Unmussig. He looked for ways to improve things for the county residents as a whole and not just certain areas or groups. We also must remember, Unmussig worked for the County Board of Supervisors, he did not have authority to make changes – just make recommendations to the board.

We wish Unmussig the absolute best in his new position. We know he will do well – just look at the good things he did for our county in a brief period.

Betty Myers