Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 5:55 am Friday, August 27, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of July. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Dream Land of Virginia LLC to Daniel Eugene Watson, 7.1 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $139,000.

• Patrick I. Conner; et ux to Clarence J. Woodward, .50 AC, Hamilton District. $80,000.

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• G Dusty Cernak; et als to Leslie Bradshaw; et al, 21.1 AC. $295,000.

• Cartersville Volunteer Rescue Squad Inc to Cartersville Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated. Deed Gift.

• James V. Horton to William Bowles, 3.14 AC, Randolph District. $207,000.

• Lisa Baker Lohr; et als to WTL Properties LLC, 2.05 AC, Madison District. $20,000.

• Howard J. Mayo to Phillip C. Mayo; et al, 1/5 individed int in 25.119 AC, Hamilton District. $15,000.

• Susan G. Carden to Susan G. Carden; et ux. Deed Gift.

• Dennis J. Allen; et als to Joshua Moore; et ux, 10.002 AC, 4.269 AC, Randolph District. $6,000.

• Carmen Saravia; et ux to Brian I. Saravia. Deed Gift.

• Billy J. Norwood Jr.; et al to Jennifer M. Norwood. Deed Gift.

• Vincent Pereira; et als t JCM III LLC, Parcel. $130,000.

• R & J Investment LC to Pembelton Homes, LC, 2.474 AC, Madison District. $30,000.

R & J Investment LC to Pembelton Homes, LC, 2..307 AC, Madison District. $30,000.

• Virginia May A Robinson to Virginia May A Robinson; et al. Deed Gift.

• H Curtis Pearson Jr.; et al to David J. Barnett; et ux, 18.035 AC, Randolph District. $60,000.

• H Curtis Pearson Jr.; et al to Clifford L. Williams; et ux, 40.269 AC, Randolph District. $95,000.

• Jacob Lee Wray to Randy Lee Dawson, 2 AC, Randolph District. $240,000.

• Alma Sales Jamerson to Martin H. Dunivan, 7.984 AC, 1.006 AC, Madison District. $55,000.

• William Edwin Brandt III; et als to Mason C. Mitchell, .688 AC, Town of Farmville. $169,900.

• Edna Mae Wood to William Walker Wood. Deed Gift.

• H Curtis Pearson Jr.; et al to True Drywall LLC, 35.007 AC, Randolph District. $85,000.

• Betty Ann Gilliam; et als to Betty Ann Gilliam. Deed Gift.

• Jalisa C. Mullins to Tracy L. Jones, 3 AC, Madison District. $14,500.

• Jalisa C. Mullins to Tracy L. Jones, 2 AC, Madison District. $9,000.

• Neil D. Rowland; et al to Lindsey Peck, 3.001 AC, Hamilton District. $235,000.

• Dennis L. Ownby; et als to Jason K. Ownby; et ux, Parcel, 2.7 AC, Randolph District. $34,000.

• H Curtis Pearson Jr.; et al to New Images Inc, 19.002 AC, Randolph District. $69,900.

• Shirley C. Smith to Robert Hazelgrove; et ux, 1 AC, Madison District. $63,000.

• Danielle M. Turney; et al to James R. Turney. Deed Gift.

• Jonathan D. Yoder; et al to Joshua E. Amos; et al, 42 AC, 40.223 AC, Randolph District. $1,000,000.

• Jane Annette Inge; et ux to Kenneth Scott Peacock. Deed Gift.

• Genesis E. Moss; et ux to Roy L. Latta, 1.39 AC, Randolph District. $195,000.

• Mary K. Hatcher to Terry T. Hatcher. Deed Gift.

• Richard B. Moseley to Carter Daryl Hammond; et ux, Lots, Hamilton District. $192,000.

• Daisy M. Sears; et al to Tonya M. Roberts, Parcel, Randolph District. $85,000.

• Jerry L. Payne to Albert J. Clark; Tr, 1.37 AC, Madison District. $18,000.

• Ann Anderson to Alicia Anderson. Deed Gift.