Letter — Supervisors should have been at celebration

Published 10:20 am Thursday, June 24, 2021

To the Editor:

It has become common practice today for many elected officials to ignore public gatherings or celebrations.

This happened a few days ago here in Buckingham County. Two members of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) came to the Juneteenth Day this past Saturday, June 19. Five others ignored it.

You would think that any free public event is a great opportunity for a supervisor to mingle with their voting masters. This would increase their exposure, so they would have an ability to listen to voter complaints or praises, allow for community relations improvements in our democratic process. You would think these would be foremost thoughts as our representatives.

Instead, only two supervisors arrived, toured a couple of booths of the many and then left. They ignored the citizen volunteered tables of Friends of Buckingham, Virginia Community Rights Network, Buckingham County Democratic committee and the Republican committee tables, among others. The BOS guys present abandoned the party that supported them.

The fresh name of Dr. Ben Moses who is in the November running for the House of Delegates, District 59, came to our community celebration. He and his campaign persons approached, spoke, listened to and answered questions with all the tables, exhibitors, and many citizens. Moses also did an introduction time at the microphone to inform voters of what his platform planks are composed of.

It is equally puzzling as to where were the other BOS guys. Were they not interested or just did not give a darn, as is so often displayed to citizens that attend the monthly public BOS meetings?

Nelson Bailey