Supervisor chairman pleased with leadership change

Published 1:24 pm Sunday, May 9, 2021

The news that Dr. Susan Baker is no longer the Executive Director at Crossroads Community Services Board was welcomed by Prince Edward County Board Of Supervisors Chairman David Emert.

Emert recently led a movement by the Board of Supervisors to withhold $60,000 in county funding from Crossroads after he attended a Crossroads meeting earlier this year he described to the other board members as “crazy,” “unorganized” and an “absolute disaster.”

David Emert

“I am pleased that they worked through it and saw the issues,” Emert said of the Wednesday, May 5, decision by the Crossroad’s board to make a change.

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Baker appeared before the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, April 13 where the supervisors and members of the audience questioned her for nearly an hour about potential housing changes for residents, board appointments that potentially violated the bylaws of Crossroads and the treatment of some past employees of the organization.

Following the meeting, Prince Edward’s board put off a decision about allocating the $60,000 of money budgeted for the organization. Emert said a new director could make the decision to continue funding the mental health services organization much easier.

“I think the counties will fund them and I think that if they can get another director in there and maybe clean house in some other places, I think it will be better,” Emert said.

He said he hopes the new director will take another look at the housing situation and see what needs to be done to continue the current practice of housing clients in the county.