Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 6:06 am Thursday, May 20, 2021

The following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of April. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Brian P. Kearns to Brian P. Kearns. Deed Gift.

• Daniel L. Leonard; et al to Daniel L. Leonard; et als. Deed Gift.

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• Valeta C. Daniels to Manage This LLC, 1 AC, Madison District. $30,000.

• Felix Dumright; et al to Rodney Richardson, 1 AC, Randolph District. $110,000.

• Ernest N. Llewellyn; et al to Mohammad Karshenas-Najafabadi, 3.00 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $195,000.

• White Level Farms, LLC to Anderson Home Construction Inc., 5.460 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $40,000.

• Randall B. Daves to Evelyn J. Daves. Deed Gift.

• Randall B. Daves to Evelyn J. Daves. Deed Gift.

• JWY Co., Inc. to Amos E. Stoltzfus; et al, 149.50 AC, Buckingham Co., Madison District. $450,000.

• Hugh Berkley Pleasants III to Morgan Lin Suzanne Duncan, 2.75 AC, Hamilton District. $15,000.

• George E. Johnson; et als to Brandon Morgan, 2.50 AC, Randolph District. $70,000.

• Morgan T. Lewis to Mitchell Earl Britt, 6.421 AC, Lot, Randolph District. $105,000.

• Betty Ann Hamby to Crystal H. Jamerson. Deed Gift.

• Ellis R. Cook; et al to IRSH LLC, 2.277 AC, Lot, Madison District. $23,000.

• REVE Ventures to REVE Properties. Deed Gift.

• Ethan Cook to William R. Cook, 3.020 AC, Lot, Madison District. $25,000.

• True Drywall, LLC to Mitchell F. Day; et al, 15.59 AC, 12.42 AC, Hamilton District. $76,000.

• Clarence R. Thomas III to Randy L. Clevenstine, 1.3 AC, Randolph District. $64,400.

• John Howard Torrence to Channing Properties LLC, 54.600 AC, Hamilton District. $197,000.

• FWR Inc.; et al to William Raymond, 4.002 AC, 4.423 AC, Lots, Madison District. $111,698.

• Benjamin A. Pfieffer to Travis Davis, 5 AC. $210,000.

• Leslie Jeanne Morgan Mathis to H Curtis Pearson Jr., Parcels. $380,560.

• Michael A Davis to Isaac Trent; et al . Deed Gift.

• Angela Brown to Rachel M. Crews, 41.95 AC, Randolph District. $145,000.

• Irene Speas Wyatt; et al to Stoney Marshall; et al, Parcel, Madison District. $320,000.

• Timbercreek Building and Design to Caridad Norton, Lot, Madison District. $220,000.