Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of February. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Sigma Development LLC to Joseph E. Shepard, 2.48 AC, Hamilton District. $162,000.

• Bruce H. Matthews Jr.; et al to George K. Matthews. Deed Gift.

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• Thomas W. Tipton; et ux to Richard W. Harding, 11.68 AC, Hamilton District. $374,850.

• Timothy A. Shreve; et al to Timothy A. Shreve; et al. Deed Gift.

• Daves Construction LLC to Roundhill Construction. Deed Gift.

• Richard L. English to Kaitlin N. Shumaker. Deed Gift.

• Richard J. Lentine to Allen C. Barker; et al, 27.769 AC, Madison District. $63,000.

• Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Aaron J. Mays; et al, Lot, Madison District. $215,000.

• KKPS LLC to Heirloom Reclaim & Design LLC, 2.280 AC, Madison District. $30,000.

• Nannie M. Wilson; et als to Horace M. Montague Jr. Deed Gift.

• Cumberland Cabinet Components LLC to Bryan P. Hamlet; et al. Deed Gift.

• Clark Properties 2 LLC to Brandon Jamar Jackson; et al, 10 AC, Madison District. $90,000.

• Jerome Myers to Donna Tignor Stewart, 4.24 AC. $197,000.

• Thomas Tillerson; et ux, Clark Properties 2 LLC, .25 AC, Madison District. $41,500.

• Michael A. Davis to Tracy Jones, 5.00 AC, Randolph District. $18,000.

• Roger Allan Hunter Sr.; et ux to Roger Allan Hunter Sr.; et ux. Deed Gift.

• George C. Meinhard Jr. to Backwater Properties LLC, 11 AC, Madison District. $95,000.

• Jenkins Church Properties LLC to Roger K. Mayer; et ux, 25 AC, 21.133 AC, 15 AC, 8 AC, 7 AC, Parcels, Madison District. $230,000.

• Gerald J. Hawkins to Walter Franklin Hunter, 1 AC, Madison District. $155,950.

• Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Lawrence Wade Stimpson Jr.; et al, .79 AC, Madison District. $40,500.

• Deborah L. Schepker to Mark Schepker. Deed Gift.

• Arthur L. Derome Jr. to Arthur Derome Sr. Deed Gift.