SEC brings bucket truck to school

Published 10:38 am Friday, April 23, 2021

Following Southside Electric Cooperative’s (SEC) winter ice storm restoration, Toni Russell Baker’s class at Prince Edward County Elementary School (PECES) sent a drawing to the cooperative to thank the line workers for their hard work, long hours and dedication.

On April 16, SEC’s Line Technician Bryan Mills visited the class at PECES with his bucket truck in appreciation for the drawing and note.

“Seeing the students walking towards the bucket truck with their creative, handmade hard hats on their heads was very special,” Mills said. “Experiencing that the severe ice storm restoration was very challenging, but seeing today that returning electricity to these very appreciative PECES students and their families makes the work much more meaningful.”

When Mills extended the bucket into the air, the students were beyond excited.

“We made the ‘thank you’ card when we realized how much having the power out disrupted the lives of our students,” Baker said. “I had not considered how much ‘electricity’ contributes to the well-being of our special children. We wanted to let SEC know how much they are appreciated.”

“We were all very excited when we found out they were coming to see us,” Baker said.  “I personally ran around telling everyone the SEC bucket truck was coming to see us. Since our children express themselves differently, the smiles on their faces told us how happy they were for the visit. Thank you, SEC!”