LETTER – We are going to undo progressivism

Published 5:12 pm Friday, April 16, 2021

To the Editor:

I never agree with any of your editorial opinions, but I must say they’re never boring. I liked April 14th’s about Virginia “gone from a body beholden to the interests of tobacco companies … to one of the most progressive states of the South.”

Given that the marijuana and gambling casino industries generate more money in a year than every leaf of tobacco grown in Virginia in 402 years, who do you think the “body” is going to be “beholden to” now? Why do you suppose that a governor who would never support smoking tobacco is wildly enthusiastic about people smoking dope? Knowing who runs the dope and casino industries in this country, I’d rather have the tobacco interests back.

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I also liked that “rural Virginia” voters will have to have explained to them “how this new progressive Virginia can benefit them” by their intellectual betters in Richmond, Northern Virginia and Tidewater. (“Come over yar to the radio, Maw, and listen to this smart feller here!”) I’d like to hear the benefits of killing babies that have been born but who are unwanted on the birthing table. Yet hardened murderers need to be supported and let go free. Or how a hairy 17-year-old boy who’s decided that he’s “Gracie” will share a locker room with my granddaughter. Or why families need to be discouraged and destroyed so that the state can be the Daddy and raise the children their way. Or why after 243 years it’s no longer OK for citizens to own guns. Or why the Taliban-like destruction of history needs to be done.

Don’t bother explaining, smart, progressive people, because we’ll be busy. We didn’t even run Republican candidates in many districts last time. That’s going to change.

We’re going to elect decent men and women to our county boards of supervisors. We’re going to elect people to our school boards that understand that schools are for education, not indoctrination, so that we don’t lose another generation to the lie of socialism and progressivism. And if the schools don’t work, we’ll take our kids out of them. We’ll elect commonwealth attorneys and sheriffs who understand what the word “constitution” means, and our juries will nullify any unconstitutional or immoral laws.

It’ll be a long, hard fight, but what one General Assembly can do, another one can undo, and that’s got to be our target. So buckle your seat belt, and save those “explanations” of the “benefits” of progressivism for those who want to hear it.

Lannis Selz

Spout Spring