LETTER – Antics of our politicians are ridiculous

Published 5:03 pm Friday, April 16, 2021

To the Editor:

We have three branches of government, and we used to have a Fourth Estate to help us make sure their shenanigans were made public.

So far, Americans have become doubtful about the news media, and as for our highly charged and divided lawmakers, it’s been a game to them to see which one can wield more power (forget about the representation).

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Now the current administration and the Congressional majority want to pack the court with another four justices simply because they can’t seem to get their radical ideas passed quickly enough using legitimate channels. So, they intend to use the Supreme Court to do it for them.

Americans should ask what happens next if a conservative group takes over – does the court get packed again, to 15 instead of 11? Better yet, shouldn’t we all begin to ask why we are not electing justices instead of having them appointed since they are becoming a fourth law-making body in our Republic.

It’s ridiculous – these antics – bred by the hatred one side has for the other, and still, the necessary things Americans need are being pushed to the side while the “children” in Washington continue to spite each other and pull each other’s hair.

Truly, it is disgusting beyond words. Our lawmakers have gone far beyond being called childish. When children tussle, we laugh, and no harm is done. When these (so called) representatives act like children, we lose our republic.

Peter Kapuscinski