LETTER — What will be next for Cumberland?

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2021

To the Editor:

People claim that Powhatan doesn’t want any development, but when you cross the border into Cumberland County it is a totally different story.

The Cumberland County Board of Supervisors have already gleefully welcomed a mega landfill, a petrochemical facility that “presto chango” will make plastics into diesel fuel as well as a beef/poultry slaughterhouse that will be an agribusiness tourist destination.

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What will be next? Perhaps a …

1. Waste oil/used antifreeze recycling operation.

2. A lead/acid car battery recycling enterprise.

3. A rail haul solid waste transfer station to allow Patrick Dovigi, CEO of GFL (Green for Life Environmental), to ship Canadian trash to Cumberland County and on to Green Ridge by truck, and why not throw in a plant to make creosote railroad ties as a compliment to the rail haul transfer station.

4. An extreme shooting range where high-end shooters can fire their 50-caliber machine guns, 20 millimeter flak guns and German 88 anti-tank guns.

5. An extreme off-road vehicle track to allow nitrous charged 4X4 pick-ups to wallow in the mud.

6. Finally, a water bottling plant that would suck your wells dry, which would make a terrific neighbor for the Green Ridge landfill.

All of the above actually exist elsewhere and could be coming soon to Cumberland County.

Keith Buch