LETTER — Are we losing our Democracy?

Published 6:00 am Friday, March 5, 2021

To the Editor:

Americans are witnessing a historic transformation from a government that promotes independent thoughts, words and action, to one solely dependent on elected representatives, who promise to give our kids everything they wish for, or so it seems that our young students are being taught these days.

Elected establishment leaders who seem to serve endlessly, work in concert with one another, in an effort to keep each other in a position to wield their power to give — or take away — whatever they deem necessary to keep those positions and themselves linked to whatever wealth they garner from it.

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At one time, Americans took careful aim at communism and socialism to ensure our kids would grow up to resent any type of government that would threaten freedom calling it a “privilege” instead of a “right.”

We took aim at communism and fought wars to defend human rights around the globe — and we were even successful sometimes. Unfortunately, today, American patriots are embroiled in a battle to survive as a Democracy — a Republic where our elected officials are actually held accountable for protecting our borders, freedom, and rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Americans all — and, in particular, parents concerned for the future of their children — should consider if that battle is actually being won. Without restoring order or the rule of law, with an unfairly biased media and public education system, and with a justice department afraid and unwilling to hear arguments regarding government overreach and unfair practices, it would appear dismal.

Peter Kapuscinski