Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 8:47 am Thursday, March 25, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of August 2020. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Ernest W. Moxley; et ux to Robert Jeremiah Thompson; et ux, 16.91 AC, Hamilton District. $275,000.

• Jason A. Young; et al to Leslie Dallas Marshall, Lot. $142,000.

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• Old Dominion Property LLC to Manage This LLC, 13.941 AC, Madison District. $195,000.

• Robert L. Melton III to William Robert Gray, Lot 10, Randolph District. $140,000.

• Jeffrey J. Fleisher to Steven L. Mullins, .701 AC. $93,000.

• Gary C. Groneweg; et al to Elizabeth G. Hazelgrove; et ux. Deed Gift.

• Jason Wayne Dingeldein to Zachary Dingeldein. Deed Gift.

• Constance L. Pepper to Christopher Adkins; et ux, 2.221 AC, Madison District. $385,000.

• Constance L. Pepper to Christopher Adkins; et ux, 2.38 AC, Madison District. $25,000.

• Frieda S. Newman; Tr to Wilson F. Booker Jr., .685 AC, Madison District. $115,000.

• Austin P. Cox; et al to Colby Wade Noel; et al, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $185,000.

• Kimbely Allsion King Noehren; et ux to Donald W. Osborne; et ux, 51 AC, Hamilton District. $115,000.

• Margaret Hodges Jenkins to Janet Miller Homes LLC, Parcel, Town of Farmville. $64,000.

• William Trevillian Jr. to JCM III LLC, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $13,000.

• KPR Properties of Virginia LLC to David Flint; et ux, 5.89 AC, Randolph District. $19,500.

• Richard D. Felts to Richard D. Felts; et al. Deed Gift.

• Vickie H. Smith to Vickie H. Smith; et als. Deed Gift.

• Wintrust Mortgage to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, 1.69 AC, Randolph District. $37,822.50

• Jody L. Bishop; et ux to Janet L. Bishop. Deed Gift.

• Linda N. Walton to William T. Norman, 18.90 AC, Madison District. $25,000.

• Priscilla Maxine Cooke’ et ux to Priscilla Maxine Cooke; Tr. Deed Gift.

• KPR Properties of Virginia LLC to Josephine R. Ruslander, 5.51 AC, Randolph District. $19,000.

• Green Creek Farms LLC to Jeffrey Lee Perkins, Parcel, Randolph District. $400,000.

• Robert M. Burnett to James Riddle; et ux, 1.198 AC, Randolph District. $50,000.

• Lee Roy Sullivan Sr. to Ian C. Brock, 1.94 AC, Randolph District. $5,500.

• Lee Walton Amos Jr. to Jesse Trimm, 3.347 AC, Randolph District. $132,400.

• Christina Castaneda to Virginia Margot Rojas, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $169,000.

• Richard L. Shuart Sr.; et ux to Kyle Richard Shuart. Deed Gift.

• Trices Lake Inc to Thomas Allen Leonard; Tr; et al, Lot 238-C, Hamilton District. $100.00

• Michael D. Rice; et ux to Jorge Santiago Rivera; et ux, 5 AC, Hamilton District. $255,000.

• New Ventures Real Estate, LLC to Clifford Paul Maass; et ux, 4.16 AC, Randolph District. $17,000.