LETTER – Green Ridge is Cumberland’s rich uncle

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, February 10, 2021

To the Editor:

The taxpayers of Cumberland County believe they have found a “rich uncle” to help them out with their county budget woes.

That rich uncle is Jerry Cifor, president and CEO of Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal LLC. In exchange for hosting a 5,000 ton per day mega landfill that will soon be rising above the local landscape to the stars above, an armored car full of Benjamins from Green Ridge (up to $2.7 million per year) will show up monthly at the Cumberland County seat of government to plug budget gaps.

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All of this is spelled out in a legal host agreement between Cumberland County and Green Ridge. The former Cumberland Board of Supervisors, probably due to their complete lack of landfill experience, did a poor job of negotiating the host agreement, and in my opinion it is written in favor of Green Ridge. My opinion is supported by the excellent host agreement negotiated between Waste Management Inc. and Amelia County for the Maplewood Landfill. The $2.7 million per year is actually a substantial underpayment when compared to Amelia County’s agreement.

So, where does that leave Cumberland County? Jerry Cifor and his business associates are very shrewd and accomplished business men who employ clever financial and legal experts. They will interpret the legally binding, poorly negotiated host agreement that underpays Cumberland to Green Ridge’s financial benefit. At the end of the day Cumberland County will see a far cry from $2.7 million per year.

Keith Buch