LETTER — Sergio, Winsome will be great for Virginia

Published 6:00 am Friday, January 29, 2021

To The Editor:

Since my last letter, I, as a member of the Appomattox County Republican Committee, endorsed attorney general candidate Chuck Smith.

I am now honored to endorse both Sergio de la Pena for governor and Winsome Sears for lieutenant governor.

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Both candidates have served in our military and will fight for our fellow veterans, will support our law enforcement, will fight for our Second Amendment rights, will fight for lower taxes, will fight to ensure our elections are secure, fair and honest are 100% pro-life and will fight for our biblically and conservative morals, values and principles.

Both Sergio and Winsome will serve and fight for all Virginians regardless of race, gender, creed or party.

I am glad to support these two great Virginians to lead our commonwealth, and I hope you will too. (Note: This endorsement does not speak on behalf of the committee nor any other members of the committee.)

Bradley Driskill

Spout Spring