LETTER – How is Good supporting Trump helping us now?

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Residents of the 5th Congressional District:

In order for democracy to succeed, citizens must be informed and engaged.

We have to vote and then educate ourselves about what our representatives are doing on our behalf. Our Congressman Bob Good stood in Congress and said (President Donald) Trump was a good leader after the insurrection. How could he?

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Is he faithful in representing the majority of people in the district? The 5th District is suffering. The pandemic has cost us lives, businesses. It has broken our heart. The 5th District deserves better.

At least Denver Riggleman could call conspiracies and lies for what they are. Good is duty-bound to work for the 5th district. How’s supporting Trump helping us right now?

Susan Halliday