Cumberland County property transfers

Published 4:08 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of June. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Craig L. Cook to Ethan Cook, 3.020 AC, Madison District. $10,000.

• Countryside Land Co LLC to David L. Hale; et ux, 3.29 AC, 2.617 AC, 3.641 AC, 3.129 AC, Hamilton District. $100,000.

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• Daves Construction LLC to Vargus O. Pride; et ux, 2.13 AC, Hamilton District. $200,000.

• George E. Johnson; et als to Bobby D. Morgan, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $3,300.

• Janet Wilson Bishop to Wilson & Wilson, LLC, 4.216 AC, Madison District. $130,000.

• Sprouses Corner LLC to MMA Contruction LLC. Deed Gift.

• Daves Construction LLC to Barbara Lillie Dolan; et ux, 3.06 AC, Hamilton District. $229,950.

• USA Homeownership Foundation Inc to Kourtney Trevillian, 3.754 AC, Hamilton District. $110,000.

• Robery L. Agee, III to Michael T. Rice, 30.64 AC, Randolph District. $359,000.

• B & Q Properties LLC to Gerald J. Hawkins, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $130,000.

• Krista M. Macumber to Patsy Rose Hamilton. Deed Gift.

• F W Boatwright; et ux to Cloverbell Farms LLC, Lot 266- C & 265-C, Hamilton District. $3,000.

• James E. Hunter; et al to John Christopher Neal McMullen; et ux, 4.32 AC, Madison District. $17,500.

• Kevin Earl Ramey; et ux to Christopher Beavers; et al. Deed Gift.

• JCM III LLC to Todd L. Grubbs; et ux, 116.734 AC, Randolph District. $210,000.

• David T. Clark to Thomas J. McKay, Parcel. $180,000.

• David R. Myzie; Tr to Robert A. Yergey; et ux, 1.135 AC, .82 AC, Hamilton District. $295,000.

• John P. Bickford; Tr; et al to Bickford Family Lands LLC. Deed Gift.

• Gene C. Howe; Tr to Dana Souders, 7.521 AC, Madison District. $30,000.

• Samuel A. Mayo; et al to Jason H. Williams, Parcel, Hamilton District. $113,500.

• Phillip D. Paul; et ux to Bryan Keith Stevens, Parcel. $14,040.

• Lawrence W. Stimpson, Jr; et al to Samantha K. Reed, .95 AC, Madison District. $124,935.

• Steven W. Griffin; et ux to Rodney Thomas Jones; et ux, 12.12 AC, Madison District. $320,000.

• Dream Land of VA LLC to Robert E. Myers; et ux, 7.1 AC, 10.6 AC, Hamilton District. $189,000.

• Doris T. Holman to Nathan G. Holman, Jr, Parcel, Randolph District. $120,000.

• Josephine Arneho Lewis to Brett W. Burch, Lot 7, Randolph District. $119,000.

• Joseph Lee Kelly to Appalachian Investment Property LLC, Parcel, Hamilton District. $29,900.

• Travis W. Harris; et al to Joseph Demro; et ux, 1 AC, 1.003 AC, .612 AC, Hamilton District. $134,000.

• Frieda S. Newman; Tr to Courtney Gerald Franklin; et al, 7 AC, Madison District. $125,000.

• Thomas A. Leonard; Tr to John S. Partin; et ux, Lot 287, Hamilton District. $135,000.

• Mona Mohamed Hafex to Kimberly Yoder, 1 AC, Randolph District. $108,000.

• Brandon Todd Meinhard to Tracy Dean Nelson; et al. Deed Gift.